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Watch the Top Gear Special in Africa Part 1 Online for free.

Top Gear Season 19 Episode 6 (Africa Special Part 1)

Watch the Top Gear Special in Africa Part 2 online for free.

Top Gear 19×07 Africa Finale

The second part of the Top Gear Special in Africa sees the trio after surviving the insane traffic, mud slides, terrible map reading in their estate cars in hunt of the source of the river Nile.

The specials are often the highlights of any series of Top Gear and this is no exception; their trip provides lots of laugh out loud moments as well as some spectacular scenery in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. Their choice of cars inevitably led to some problems on some of the terrible roads they travelled on although we also saw them cruising along some roads that were of a much higher quality… this was not an attempt to show Africa as a continent with no decent infrastructure. While some of what they say is obviously scripted it is still funny and the three have a good chemistry even when they are bickering and winding each other up. Highlights of the special included their surprisingly successful attempt at making a ferry and the results of driving along a particularly bad road in the Serengeti.


Photos from the latest special shortly – Just need to get hold of the episode and make some stills!

Top Gear Africa Part 1 3/3/2013

You can now watch the Top Gear Africa special online – Scroll down!

The 2013 Top Gear special in Africa has started, Part 1 has seen Jeremy in a BMW 5-Series Touring, James in a Volvo 850R Wagon, and Richard in a Subaru Impreza WR. The limit for their cars was £1500 out1870

It sees the trio of trouble attempting to find the source of the Nile in probebly the poorest choice of cars to travel africa known to Man (except Richards Sabaru Imprezza WR which more then pulled the other two monkeys out of danger once or twice).

The trip opens with the trio arriving at Lake Victoria which apparently isn’t the source – How convenient and progressed on until they come across the town ‘Jezza’ where of course James May has many a quote such as ‘We are now coming into Jezza’ and ‘here is Jezzas back alley’ with Hammond adding ‘I’m now pulling out of Jezza, I hope no one sees me’.

As with all the specials they have made their own modifications to their Cars – almost professionally down and meeting almost all health and safety regulations. After a night stay in a stain filled ‘Hotel’ the team decide to convert their Estates into Motor-homes and start work – The Interiors and the techniques they take remind me alot of the previous car boat specials.

Hammond took charge of the cooking, kitting his ‘camper’ out with a counertop gas stove, kitchen untensils and a general cottage feel – plenty of things loose to fly around in times of panic.

Mays plan was similar with team spirit being the way – Mays car turned into a small camp bed and a small wood and metal workshop along with a small globe and library replacing the passenger seat described as a ‘Gentlesmans explorer’s quarters’.

out1944Finally Clarkson went down the quite selfish (and to be honest I don’t blame him after seeing the hotel) turned his car into a Miami hotel stripped out with white Egyptian cotton. Certainly the weekend Spa look
also installing a coffin to act as chest of drawers and ending with a shower and fold down toilet seat attached to the rear drivers side window.

The team battle on through rain, mud and mud with Hammond and Clarkson getting stuck a number of times with Clarkson famously getting aid from the Ugandan army.

The next episode of the Top gear Africa special will be on BBC2 on Sunday 10th March at 8pm and Part 1 is now available On the BBC iplayer

I’ve noticed a Popular question so far is ‘What is the music used on the top gear 2013 africa special’ – Please tell me you are not refering to Africa by Toto

Watch the Top Gear Special in Africa Part 1 Online (Flash required – Video is broken into Segments)

Top Gear Season 19 Episode 6 (Africa Special Part 1)

Watch the Top Gear Special in Africa Part 2 online (Flash required – Video is broken into Segments)

Top Gear 19×07 Africa Finale

New Topgear special this sunday 3/3/2013

Taken straight form the Topgear site:


The very late Christmas special part 1 starts this sunday on BBC2 at 8pm with Part 2 on the following weekend.

The Topgear team transport over to Africa for this 2 hour special to see how many people they can offend this time while traveling.

Jeremy, James, and Richard are in central Africa to find the source of the Nile River in three used estate cars: Jeremy in a BMW 5-Series Touring, James in a Volvo 850R Wagon, and Richard in a Subaru Impreza WRX